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Our Kennels

Built in 2018 in a converted barn at our farm perfectly located between Hull and Beverely, our dog boarding kennels offer a modern and secure dog boarding facility for your treasured companion.

The sleeping compartments and runs are all within the building itself so you can be sure your dog is not open to any of the elements of our unpredictable weather. The sleeping compartments are insulated, heated, floored and have raised beds. The kennels are made of a specially formulated polypropylene, which makes them very comfortable, easy to keep clean, and germ free.

The kennel runs have galvanised bars and doors and there are also 2 additional large inside exercise and enrichment areas. These will have settees and a huge selection of doggy toys, so if your pooch is used to their creature comforts at home they can take some time out in here and it will be very useful in harsh winter conditions. There is a partly covered outside exercise area attached to the kennel block plus a 1.6 acre secure paddock.

We have a designated feeding kitchen, specially designed for food preparation and storage. There is a second kitchen/laundry room in an adjacent barn.

There will be either a radio or CD player with calming canine music playing during rest periods.

We have a wet room/shower area and drying area so you can be sure your dog is not in their kennel in a dirty or wet condition after playtimes down in the paddock.

The whole site is very well secured with double gating to the access of the premises, which is locked at all times, well fenced exercised areas and CCTV surveillance.

Well secured, luxury Dog Boarding Kennels

Muttlins Dog Boarding


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